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Primers, Sealers & Membranes

Seals & Protects · Strengthens · Reduces Dusting · High Gloss · VOC Compliant

The best flooring system installations start with a coat of primer that seals and strengthens your floors—creating a uniform bonding surface for subsequent applications. We've found that using a low-viscosity primer coat that soaks into the surface of the substrate handles more easily and aids in the prevention of "outgassing," which can occur with more viscous coatings. Upon curing, Dur-A-Flex® epoxy and the Cryl-A-Flex® methyl methacrylate (MMA) primer systems form a tough, smooth surface which stops concrete "dusting," a common respiratory health and environmental concern wherever you find new or unprotected concrete flooring.

Epoxy Primers, Sealers & Membranes
Abrasion Resistance Chemical Resistance Environmental High Strength High Traffic Low Odor Non-Slip Surface

Dur-A-Shield II is a two component epoxy primer / sealer designed for penetrating and sealing concrete floors.

Elast-O-Coat waterproofing membrane is a two part, elastomer-modified epoxy coating.

Dur-A-Glaze No. 4 WB is a two component, water-borne, low-VOC epoxy designed to prime new or existing concrete floors.

Dur-A-Glaze MVP Primer is a 2-component, 100% solids moisture mitigation system. It reduces moisture levels as high as 99% RH and 20 lbs./1,000 sq.ft./24 hrs. to less than 3 lbs,/1,000 sq.ft./24 hrs. It can be used under any Dur-A-Flex epoxy floor system.

Dur-A-Glaze No. 4 Tie-Coat II is a clear, two component epoxy designed to enhance the adhesion of a new coating to surfaces that are typically hard to bond together such as steel, ceramic tile, quarry tile, dense concrete, and aged epoxies and urethanes.

Static Dissipative

DUR-A-GLAZE #4 ESD PRIMER is a 2-component, 100% solids Static Dissipative Primer designed as a concrete primer for DUR-A-GARD ESD.

MMA Primers, Sealers & Membranes

Cryl-A-Prime P-101 is a 100% solids, fast curing, high strength methyl methacrylate (MMA) based, acrylic reactive resin. It is formulated to form a cohesive bond with the substrate.

Urethane Primers, Sealers & Membranes
Low Odor

DUR-A-WALL HP GRIPPER PRIMER is a water-based urethane-modified acrylic primer-sealer with excellent adhesion to new wallboard, sheetrock, and gypsum board.

Hybrid Primers, Sealers & Membranes
Low Odor

DUR-A-WALL HP BLOCK FILLER is high quality interior acrylic block filler formulated to fill small imperfections and pinholes in masonry block and porous concrete before top-coating.