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Dur-A-Flex releases new Earthstone vinyl chip blends

Date: 11/6/2015

Earthstone Dur-A-Flex, Inc. has released a new line of decorative, vinyl chips to be used with their flooring systems. Earthstone blends offer a color palette made up of neutral colored vinyl chips designed to achieve a stone-like appearance. These new color options are being introduced with a focus on the healthcare market to provide architects and facility managers alike with healing options when looking for a durable, seamless floor system for areas such as hospital corridors and patient rooms.

 “While seamless floor systems have long been a popular option for healthcare facilities, where durability and sanitation are of the utmost importance, we’ve now taken our offerings a step further,” says David Hughes, Dur-A-Flexs Vice President of Marketing, R&D, and Procurement. Our floor systems have always provided healthcare facility managers the peace of mind of knowing that no bacteria or moisture could penetrate their floor. Were now further extending our design options so that our floors will not only protect the patients, yet also aide in their healing process.

 “Studies have shown that a theme incorporating nature allows patients to feel a connection to the world outside the walls of their hospital room.” says Maura Doyle, Dur-A-Flexs Design Center Manager. By incorporating a stone aesthetic with our new Earthstone line were merging a nature theme with healing color tones; an ideal combination to create a healing environment.

 Dur-A-Flex’s Earthstone chip blends are available in 9 standard blends that can be installed with any of Dur-A-Flex’s seamless flooring systems. These new colors are available for order immediately and samples can be ordered here

Earthstone Color Chart


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Dur-A-Flex adds to growing Business Development Group

Date: 3/27/2015

Nick ReillyEAST HARTFORD, Conn. (MAR 27, 2015) – Dur-A-Flex, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and institutional seamless, resinous flooring, has named Nick Reilly  Business Development Manager, Northeast.

Reilly brings to Dur-A-Flex an extensive technical background from the Construction industry, including NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Level 3 certification. Prior to joining Dur-A-Flex, he served as a Technical Sales Representative for the Carboline Company, performing field sales on industrial coatings, linings and floor systems. Before that, Reilly served as a Technical Service Engineer for Carboline, providing on-site surveying and support on large-scale projects all across the country.

Reilly’s appointment adds further depth to Dur-A-Flex’s fast growing Business Development Group. Reilly will take the helm of the group’s NorthEast division, empowering Dur-A-Flex’s architectural reach even further in the region. Additionally, he will use his technical proficiency in aiding both end-users and architects to the best solution for their flooring needs and enlightening them to the many benefits of resinous flooring.

“Nick’s technical knowledge paired with his go-get it attitude are already a great addition to our team. I look forward to his impact on our primary focus of expanding Dur-A-Flex’s strategic account base,” says John Conway, Director of Business Development.

“Nick’s past experience in the field as both a Sales Manager and a Technical Service Engineer offer our customers the best of both worlds,” says Patrick J. Meade, Vice President, Sales and Technical Support.  “He understands the complexity of strategic account projects and understands the needs of the end-user choosing the floor, the architect designing it and the contractor installing it. The bridging of those key players in a project is crucial and he makes it a seamless process, which is exactly what we strive to do for our customers,” Meade concludes.

Since its inception, Dur-A-Flex’s Business Development Group has doubled its growth while focusing on strengthening partnerships within the architectural channel and strategic accounts as well as supporting the Dur-A-Flex Sales team in securing large-scale flooring projects across the nation.