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Orthopedic Surgi-Center Increases Safety with New Floor

Customer: The Orthopedic Surgery Center of Idaho
Product: Cryl-A-Chip SL

The Orthopedic Surgery Center of Idaho operates as one of the surgi-centers for the Boise State University Athletics program specializing in sports medicine.

During initial construction of this facility, the concrete slab was poured unevenly. Subsequently, once the floors were installed, they also sloped unevenly. This caused surgical carts to roll across the floor during surgery and wheelchairs to roll away from patients even before they could position themselves in the seats! Focused on the safety of the hospital staff and patients, administrators agreed a solution was critical. However, the pending renovations and their impact to the facility required immediate evaluation. A cure for these floors had to be as non-invasive as possible!

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The Center’s administrators agreed Dur-A-Flex's Cryl-A-Chip SL system would meet the strict criteria because it could be installed quickly, easily meeting the two-week project timeline. Not only was there little impact to the facility’s patients, but the renovations were completed three days ahead of schedule. Dur-A-Flex’s floor system was selected for its superior performance and simple maintenance, giving the Center a knee up on durability and reduced costs. Most importantly, the administrators are equally pleased with the increased safety the new floor has provided for caregivers and patients!

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Hartford Hospital Upgrades Operating Room without Missing a Beat

Customer: Hartford Hospital
Product: Dur-A-Glaze No. 4, Dur-A-Glaze No. 5, Dur-A-Quartz

Ranked one of the nation’s “Top 100 Hospitals,” Hartford Hospital is an 867-bed regional referral center providing care in all clinical disciplines. For this hospital, round-the-clock critical care means patient care cannot be compromised even for facility renovations.

In 2005, the hospital renovated several areas including an operating room in the Jefferson wing. According to Charles Crocini, the hospital’s Facility Construction director, the room’s sheet rubber flooring with welded seams was failing under the weight and constant movement of the surgical equipment, including an 800 lb. operating table. Over the course of five years, the floor was riddled with dents and gouges, which created pockets for bacteria and fungi to grow. Daily wash downs worsened the conditions and caused water damage around the drains. This resulted in failing welded seams, which further compromised sterility and put the staff at risk for trips and falls.

The hospital wanted a durable alternative that would be sanitary, easy to maintain and trip resistant. A betadine resistant surface was also key. In order to reduce critical downtime that could lead to revenue loss, the Dur-A-Flex crew needed to adhere to a strict project deadline.

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Dur-A-Flex focused on the fast-curing, decorative Dur-A-Quartz seamless flooring system. The system includes an odor free epoxy base and Dur-A-Glaze #5 polyaspartic topcoat with a Dur-A-Grip additive for slip resistance. Low in VOCs, its tough chemical and stain resistance surface is easy to clean, ensuring a healthy environment.

Since this operating room was located among other operating rooms within the same surgical wing that would continue serving patients during the install, the crew had to travel through a sterile hallway. The crew met this challenge by sterilizing the install equipment. They also donned masks, scrubs and booties whenever they traveled through this zone and used negative air equipment to ensure a continuous, clean environment from start to finish.

The replacement began with the removal of the existing floor followed by prepping and patching the concrete substrate. Next, the Dur-A-Quartz system was installed with a cove base to obtain a seamless floor to wall transition to eliminate areas for bacteria and dirt to gather. Once the topcoat cured, the operating room was sterilized, equipped and reopened. The new floor was completed on time and the sterility requirements and patient safety criteria were uncompromised.

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In addition to epoxy-based systems, Dur-A-Flex also produces quality MMA-based and urethane -based flooring and wall systems for all industries. The versatile, seamless applications are customized to each facility’s needs and provide improved safety, minimal downtime, moisture risk reduction and easy maintenance.

Rooftop Trauma Center Installation Ensures Safe Landings

Customer: Scottsdale Healthcare
Product: Cryl-A-Prime P-101, Cryl-A-Quartz

Scottsdale Healthcare was founded in 1962 as City Hospital of Scottsdale. They are a nonprofit organization with three campuses, three hospitals, outpatient centers, home health services and a wide range of community health education and outreach programs.

The facility had three helipads on the rooftop of their level one trauma facility. Two of the helipads were the same size and one was about 25% larger. The material used to coat the landing pads was a rubberized pedestrian auto deck material, and the damage caused by the helicopters landing was very visible. If left untreated, there would be problems during take off and landing and it would jeopardize the safe transport of their trauma patients.

The hospital needed a durable system that could be installed quickly and still allow them to conduct their every day emergency landings. To allow minimal disruption, it was decided that each pad would be completed before starting work on the next one.

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A Dur-A-Flex MMA system, Cryl-A-Quartz, was chosen for this application for its durability and non-temperature sensitive application time. Removing the existing rubberized material was achieved by utilizing a ride on scraping machine. The flooring contractor was told at the beginning of the installation that the crew would be given six minutes notice about an incoming helicopter and they had to clear the landing pad and be off the roof. No exceptions!

Another requirement was that the letter "H" on the helipads must be reflective. This was achieved by broadcasting glass beads into the topcoat. The separate colors (red, white, black and tan) were done with integral colored quartz.

The project was a huge success and hospital personnel were pleased that the installation did not greatly impact the trauma emergency landings. According to the Lead Building Systems Technician who coordinated this project, the roof installation is holding up extremely well and they are looking forward to many years of trouble-free use.

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Hybri-Flex® System Solves Flooring Issue with Minimal Disruption to Operations

Customer: Forsyth Medical Center
Product: Hybri-Flex EQ

Forsyth Medical Center is a not-for-profit, tertiary care hospital offering a full range of medical, surgical, rehabilitative and behavioral health services. What started as a small community hospital in 1887 has grown to be one of the largest hospitals in North Carolina. Dur-A-Flex was consulted to assist them in repairing or replacing a ¼ inch thick hand-troweled epoxy floor that did not meet their current needs. The area consisted of numerous surgical suites, some of which needed to remain operational during the new installation.

Surgical suites present unique challenges to flooring. One of the more important requirements is that it be kept sterile so the easy cleaning and low maintenance of a seamless floor is critical. Extremely sharp surgical tools are frequently dropped as well as spills of medical and biological fluids so high impact and chemical resistance is required. Heavy operating tables are wheeled in and out so the floor must be durable and even. Installation would also need to be completed around working areas so it was critical to minimize disruptions and odors.

Given these challenges, a Hybri-Flex® EQ system was recommended and selected. Hybri-Flex is Dur-A-Flex’s hybrid series of high performance flooring systems. Where most resinous flooring systems consist of epoxy, urethane or MMA resins, Hybri-Flex supersedes these with a combination of two or more of these resins, harnessing their key attributes, to provide an all-inclusive flooring solution.

The Hybri-Flex EQ system that was chosen utilizes a cementitious urethane base coat combined with epoxy and urethane topcoats. The base coat provided the self leveling, adhesion and impact resistance needed. The first top coat consisted of a decorative quartz broadcast providing an attractive appearance. The final topcoats consisted of two coats of Ultra-Clear for UV resistance and a smoother, yet slip resistant, finish along with one coat of Armor Top for extra wear and stain resistance, ultimately producing a ¼ inch thick floor.

In addition to the Hybri-Flex systems, Dur-A-Flex also produces quality epoxy, urethane and MMA floor and wall systems for all industries. The versatile, seamless applications are customized to each facility’s needs and provide improved safety, minimal downtime, moisture risk reduction and easy maintenance.

Dur-A-Flex Flooring Adds Shine to Parkland’s New Health Care Campus

Customer: Parkland Health & Hospital System
Product: Dur-A-Gard, Armor Top

As part of Parkland Health & Hospital System’s $1.2B new campus, the Central Utility Plant (CUP) comprises 81,146 square feet of cooling towers, a generator building, domestic water storage tank, chillers, boilers and a heat pump chiller. It is designed to send free heat to the hospital while generating chilled water, resulting in significant energy and water savings.

Since it is the first building visitors see when they arrive via Dallas’ Dart Light rail station, the hospital wanted to ensure it was a signature building.

Enter the headache construction teams want to avoid: after the concrete slabs on both levels of the building cured, the post shoring was removed revealing rust stains beneath the metal base plates. Despite efforts to remove the stains with expensive chemical cleaners and grinding, which actually made the problem worse, it was clear the stains would cause the specified floor sealing product to lose its shine. The cleaned areas ended up cleaner than the surrounding concrete and the grinding created noticeable abrasions. All 66,815 square feet of concrete needed to be covered. The situation threatened to put a damper on what was destined to be the lifeblood of the health care campus.

The Dallas-based general contractor assigned to the Parkland project contacted a Dur-A-Flex installer who prescribed the remedy: Dur-A-Flex’s Dur-A-Gard epoxy-based seamless flooring system finished with a topcoat of Armor Top®. Although this large area had more than 300 stains marring it, it was apparent that Dur-A-Flex was the solution to turning Parkland’s CUP into a showpiece.

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Without missing a beat, the Parkland team visited aTexas manufacturer to see their Dur-A-Flex floor. Impressed and relieved to find a cure, the team approved a change order for the Dur-A-Flex flooring system. 

With a tight deadline, the installation crew set to work on what looked to be a 60-day install. Calcium chloride tests revealed excessive moisture at four slab in-fill locations. Dur-A-Flex’s MVP moisture vapor prevention primer easily took care of that symptom and the crew forged ahead with prepping and priming the slabs. Once the epoxy and top coats were installed, it was apparent Dur-A-Flex was indeed the cure. The floors showed no signs of rust stains and presented a clean, attractive finish that is UV-stable and slip, chemical and abrasion resistant.

Completed in 30 days - half the time - the flooring has gleaned many accolades. “The Dur-A-Flex floor was an excellent way to finish our new CUP.  It is durable, non-slip and provides a nice finish for a very functional building,” said Lou Saksen, Parkland’s senior vice president, New Hospital Construction.

Though it will take over a year to receive it, Saksen believes the project will exceed its goal of LEED silver and achieve a gold certification.

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Hospital Gets Worry-Free Floor

Customer: Jackson-Madison Country General Hospital, Jackson, TN

Previous Floor Condition: Sheet vinyl. Facility personnel found it difficult to clean and the floor had issues with staining and tearing due to equipment moves.

Project Size: 3,000 SF

Solution: Dur-A-Flex's Accelera® HQ


  • Quickly installed - eliminating facility downtime

  • Easy to clean

  • Now has a visible sterile field

  • Seamless - does not tear, nor crack

  • Eliminated constant repairs seen with sheet vinyl

Flawless Floors Brighten Patients' Day

Customer: The Head Injury Association - Hauppauge, NY
Product: Hybri-Flex ES, ReFLEXions Designer Floor Systems, Armor Top

Previous Floor Condition: Blistered and failing epoxy coating

Project Size: 8,000 sq ft

Solution: Dur-A-Flex's Hybri-Flex® ES with ReFLEXions


  •  Limitless color options by pairing two ReFLEXions colors
  •  Smooth, glass-like finish offering breath-taking looks 
  •  Seamless - eliminating crevices where moisture and bacteria can hide
  •  Exceptional wear characteristics

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Children’s Hospital finds Flooring Solution!

Customer: Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, Norfolk, VA
Product: Hybri-Flex EB, Hybri-Flex EC

The Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD) of Norfolk, VA has a single focus…children. As the only free-standing children’s hospital in the state they are committed to delivering excellence in the service they provide to their patients, starting with their care and extending down to their facility’s floors.

Working through their architectural firm PF&A Design, a firm specializing in healthcare design, CHKD has continuously upgraded their facility. They have done so without shutting down any entire area; allowing their staff to continue the life saving work they do for the families of Virginia. While seamless flooring had been specified at CHKD in the past, underlayment failures led to unsightly pitting and cracking on the floor’s surface.  This ledthe architects of PF&A to search for a superior floor system that could be installed quickly, match the décor of the rooms and also tolerate the constant traffic of the heavy machines and beds being moved around…a tall order.

The solution? Dur-A-Flex’s line of Hybri-Flex E (epoxy) flooring systems. Hybri-Flex floors are anchored by a cement-based, urethane that allows for maximum adhesion with a substrate thanks to its self-priming properties. Within the Hybri-Flex floor line the decorative options are endless and the Architects of PF&A were able to choose from vinyl chip blends, decorative quartz blends or solid color floors depending on the room. The Hybri-Flex E systems also offer a final urethane topcoat which possesses excellent wear resistance and UV-Stability, allowing the floors to stand up to the bustle of a busy hospital while not losing aesthetics.

The first floor to be upgraded was OR #1, a Hybri-Flex EC (epoxy chip) system was chosen and a custom chip blend was needed. The architects of PF&A were able to create customized blends on Dur-A-Flex’s website via the Custom Chip Selector tool; adjusting size, color and ratios until the designs were narrowed down. Physical samples were created in Dur-A-Flex’s Design Center and shipped to PF&A’s Interior Designer, Kimberly Bernheimer for approval. Commonwealth Epoxy Coatings, Inc. of Newport News, VA, the flooring installer for the multi-phase project, expertly used the two chosen chip blends to create a sterile-circle in the room.

Another area to be upgraded was the trauma bays within CHKD’s Emergency Department. Again the architects of PF&A Design chose a Hybri-Flex floor system; Hybri-Flex EB (epoxy broadcast). To meet the hospital's request to create a "zone" workspace, a floor layout was created that would visually show each member of the medical team where to stand when a patient is wheeled in. The hospital chose a bright yellow floor with custom colored purple squares; the bright colors were a concerted effort by CHKD to draw attention to the floor. Yet before any floors could be installed, trenches were added for new piping and new concrete poured. Normally in the flooring world, a new concrete slab puts a halt to projects for at least a month. Yet Hybri-Flex floors can be installed over green concrete, as new as 5 – 7 days old, allowing project like this one to stay on schedule.

Dur-A-Flex’s Hybri-Flex floors have provided this hospital with extremely durable, simple to clean surfaces in several of their most critical rooms. With Dur-A-Flex floors already installed in 4 rooms and another 5 OR’s slated for the next several years, it’s clear that continuous improvement at CHKD really begins from the floor up!