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Joint/Crack Fillers & Pitching/Patching

Seamless · Shock Absorbing · Waterproof · Vibration Dampening · Stress Relieving

Membranes and Crack Fillers Wherever secondary containment or the reduction of stress between the substrate and subsequent coatings or resurfacers is a concern, or if you simply need to fill holes, cracks, expansion joints or construction joints, we have the products to address your needs.

Epoxy Joint/Crack Fillers & Pitching/Patching

Dur-A-Tex LM is a quick-setting, cement-based, one-component acrylic polymer underlayment ideal for fast and easy patching, pitching, and screeding.

MMA Joint/Crack Fillers & Pitching/Patching

Cryl-A-Tex is a 100% reactive, high strength, methyl methacrylate (MMA) based polymer concrete typically used for repair, sloping and grouting.

Urethane Joint/Crack Fillers & Pitching/Patching

Dur-A-Tex UM is an aggregate-filled trowel-applied polyurethane mortar system. It is designed specifically for the repair of concrete floors. It is ideal for filling holes and large cracks, leveling uneven areas, or pitching.