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Environmentally Friendly

In today’s changing world the future is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why we have developed environmentally friendly products to meet LEED® requirements for low emitting materials while continuing to develop products that will be ahead of tomorrow’s VOC requirements. In addition to air quality concerns, when you select a Dur-A-Flex resinous floor system you’re selecting a product that reduces waste when compared to other flooring materials. Resinous flooring requires no trimming or cutting waste as with other materials like tile or sheet goods. At Dur-A-Flex even our manufacturing process does not create waste and when it comes to scrap, we go the extra mile to recycle what we do generate.

Our long lasting, durable flooring solutions have been shown to last 3 times longer than some other popular flooring choices. That means you not only get an exceptional value but you get a product that can break the cycle of being removed, disposed of and starting the process all over again. At Dur-A-Flex you get more than just a green logo!

Working on a LEED project?

You can find LEED information for all Dur-A-Flex products in our Architect Center. Some of the available credits include:

Construction Waste Management

Many of Dur-A-Flex’s containers are recycled/recyclable HDPE or recycled/recyclable paper and corrugated and therefore are easily recycled with waste management programs.  Only the amount of material that is required for the installation is mixed and placed which eliminates product generated waste.  This may contribute to earning points for LEED MR Credit 2.1 & 2.2:  Construction Waste Management.

Regional Material

Many of the materials used for Dur-A-Flex floor systems are manufactured in East Hartford, CT.  This may contribute to earning points for LEED MR Credit 5.1 & 5.2 points:  Regional Materials and Manufactured Regionally.

Rapidly Renewable Material

The resin used in all our Poly-Crete floor systems contains material derived from castor beans.  This may contribute to earning points for LEED MR Credit 6.

Low-Emitting Material

Most all materials used in Dur-A-Flex floor systems are VOC compliant and therefore could contribute to LEED EQ Credit 4.2 and 4.3: Low-Emitting Material-Paints & Coatings.


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