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Cleaners, Accessories & Additives

Whether you are looking for our EZ-Clean™ cleaner to keep your floor looking and performing like it’s new or just need more information about one of our additives to help you address a particular installation concern, we’ve got you covered.

If you have any questions about these products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Epoxy Cleaners/Accessories/Additives

Add-A-Color No. 4 Concentrate is a colorant specifically for use in Dur-A-Shield No. 2 and Poly-Thane 2 High Solids.

Dur-A-Solve is a special combination of aromatic solvents, designed for use as an epoxy thinner.

No Sag No. 1 is a dry powder designed to thicken Elast-O-Coat while allowing it to remain flexible.

No Sag No. 2 is a dry powder designed to thicken epoxies that require a higher viscosity, making it possible to apply onto vertical surfaces.

Super-Stick is a special liquid additive that enhances the adhesion of an epoxy resin to certain substrates.

Fish-Eye Eliminator is a special liquid additive that allows epoxy systems to flow out on silicone or oil contaminated substrates, including existing epoxy or urethane floors.

MMA Cleaners/Accessories/Additives

Cryl-A-Cure is the initiator used for the polymerization of all Cryl-A-Flex methyl methacrylate (MMA)based resins and Cryl-A-Tex polymer concrete.

Cryl-A-Bond is a modified methyl methacrylate (MMA) component that can be added to Cryl-A-Prime P-101 to increase bond strength.

Cryl-A-Bond MT is a methyl methacrylate (MMA) based modifier that can be added to Cryl-A-Prime P-101 resins to improve bonding when coating metal or ceramic tile.

LTC (Low Temperature Cure)Additive is an accelerator for use in Cryl-A-Flex MMA based acrylic resins.


Simoniz 969 Cleaner is a highly concentrated, heavy duty, liquid cleaner that contains powerful ingredients to quickly remove grease, oil and grime. It is designed for cleaning the dirtiest floors in machine shops, garages, food plants, etc.

EZ-Clean is a highly concentrated alkaline liquid cleaner that contains powerful ingredients to deep clean greasy, oily, dirty floors.

Tire Mark Remover is a blend of special cleaning agents, surfactants and terpene solvents specially formulated to remove rubber skid marks from epoxy or other polymer-type floor systems.